BENEFFICE’s main goal is to stimulate a new market perspective for energy services and demonstrate, that energy market offers opportunities for investments for Retailers, Utilities and DSOs, which are in line with their business strategies and also for consumers who can benefit from reducing their energy bill.

What are the BENEfits for domestic energy users?

  • Measured achieved reductions will be rewarded with digital coins, to pay any purchase in Euro
  • Incentives for consumers to act against climate change using a comprehensive perspective
  • Everybody acts towards achieving the EU Green Deal and a climate neutral Europe (zero emission climate) according to the 2050 objective of the European Commission

What is there for additional policy making?

  • Focus on making incentives for consumers visible: Reward achieved reductions!
  • Bottom-up (Market and people) initiative for Energy Efficiency complement top-town (ineffective policies and sanctions) approaches
  • Trigger further actions: Make payments of national tax less distressing: Let’s pay with Green Euros! The market will react with innovation and Individuals would take initiatives for investments
  • Adopt a European Climate Currency, shaping the future of a new EU society, economy and planet!

Interested? So are we!

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